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BETA TESTER ASSIGNMENT by : Kevin N (10 IG1) REVIEW: Review from Stanley: Quiz works fine, but lacking capital letters Review from Dylan: Jika hasil 15, tidak keluar pernyataan hasil. Selain itu, quiz bekerja dengan bagus Review from Rizky: Tidak ada pertanyaan di nomor 6. Tidak ada space di masing-masing barisan, membuat mata agak bingung […]

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“Simple Pokemon Mini Game” using Python Time: 2 Weeks! (15% of your final score of this term!!!) Each of Pokemon will have the status: Type: GRASS Experience: 0 Level: 1 Hitpoints: 10 Attack:4 Defense:2 The game will start by choosing the Pokemon: Select Your Pokemon: 1. Bulbasaur (Grass) 2. Charmander (Fire) 3. Squirtle (Water) Note. […]

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Creating Quiz using Python Time: 2 weeks!!! Create quiz and the result will be calculated based on the answer. Reference:, or you can make your own quiz, such as: “SEBERAPA CH-nya sih kamu?” Question: Permainan yang kamu suka: a. Hide & Seek b. Flip the bottle c. Cat and Mouse, then (b) will […]

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Refer to this case study: Computer Science: Where’s my Sherlock Holmes? Here’s the implementation in Python #Program Stack Implementation #Where’s My Sherlock Holmes? #Initialize Stack shelf1=[‘In The Deep Blue Ocean’,’The Stranger’,’Polly wants a Cracker’] shelf2=[‘The Secret of Monkey Island’,”,”] shelf3=[‘A Good Leader is a Good Servant’,’Quest of Rosetta’,’Le Chuck Revenge’] shelf4=[‘The Bloddy Hell Mary’,’The Lost […]

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1. Convert the following decimal numbers into binary numbers! (5 marks) a) 9 b) 19 c) 46 d) 35 e) 49 2. Convert the following octal numbers into decimal numbers! (5 marks) a) 34 b) 51 c) 201 d) 126 e) 42 3. Convert the following decimal numbers into octal numbers! (5 marks) a) 29 […]

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A. State one example of a peripheral that might be attached to a personal computer (PC), but not always. Outline 2 significant purposes of a network. Describe one advantage of using a PC in stand-alone mode, not attached to a network. Outline what the term human resources means in a computer system. Explain why computer […]

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COMPUTER SECURITY ASSIGNMENT! Construct a program that will be displaying some messages in your friend’s computer. Please note that please conduct a research first before put your plan to your task list, to make sure that it is doable or not. The Task List could be as follows: * The tool/ software used: Visual Basic. […]

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For Computer Science Extended Essay, the result of Viva Voce will determine (if possible) the mark in Criterion D and Criterion K, so get ready with the questions that the supervisor will ask to you The common questions: What is your RQ (Research Question)? Why do you think your RQ is feasible for Computer Science Extended […]

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Buatlah sebuah program yang bisa menghitung gaji karyawan Contoh Interfacenya: PERHITUNGAN GAJI KARYAWAN PT. ABC Periode : ____________ (combo box) Januari 2016 – Maret 2016 Nama Karyawan : _____________ (textbox) Jabatan : ______________ (combo box) -> isi dari code editor onChange Gaji Pokok : ______________ (terisi otomatis sesuai dengan pilihan Jabatan) (Manager 4 juta, Supervisor […]

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What is the difference between a program flowchart and a system flowchart? A program flowchart details the flow through a single program. Each box in the flowchart will represent a single instruction or a process within the program. A system flowchart will show the flow through a system. Each box will represent a program or […]

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Items that need to be submitted: =============================== – a ZIP/RAR file contains your product (running application and source code) – a DOC file contains Criterion C The Assessment Criteria: ======================== The progress level of each items. You’ll get full mark only if these items are considered done. However, if no one has finished it, the […]

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ASSESSING CRITERION C ===================== Tuesday, 27 October 2015 (Phase 1) Wednesday, 28 October 2015 (Phase 2) Total Alocation Time: 5 hours ===================== GRADE BOUNDARY 0 -10: NOT EVEN STARTED 11-20: HAVE PLAN/IDEAS, BUT HAVE NOT STARTED TO CODE YET 21-30: JUST STARTED SOME PIECES OF CODE (VERY SMALL PORTIONS) 31-40: HAS DEVELOPED SOME MODULES THAT […]

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Tiffany Client: her daddy Tool: PHP Solution Title: “eCommerce for UD. Duta Logam” Daniel Client: his Private Teacher Tool: Android Solution Title: “Student Weekly Progress Report in Android” Grace Client: her daddy Tool: PHP Solution Title: “Financial Report System at UD. Mitra Mandiri” Carissa Client: her daddy Tool: PHP Solution Title: “Inventory Control System at […]

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Writing an Extended Essay should be came from ONE RESEARCH QUESTION only! A Research Question needs to be FOCUS in one particular topic. An Essay Title could be a Research Question! Role of the Supervisor: – Read recent EE Reports – 3-5 hours include Viva Voce – Advise students on access to appropriate resources, techniques […]

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Another Semester Exam Session for Computer Science students SECTION A Outline how backups can prevent data loss If we create backup regularly or periodically, any damaged data that occurred will be no problem. Because, once the data is damaged, we still have a copy of it and simply restore it. However, for large amount of […]

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The subject inserted the flash drive containing the program. The program is masked as IB Physics Past Paper May 2015.doc. The subject deliberately ran the program. When the program ran, the antivirus rejected the program to work but then the antivirus was disabled manually and then the program ran. The program made a copy of […]

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My victim is Ansell. At first, I lied to him about a “new game database,” that the program could search for the first until the last game, for free. Not only games, it can search for cheats, mods, maps, and any other properties that the game must have. He looks so happy that he received […]

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