Computer Security: Social Engineering (ChinHeng)

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My victim is Ansell. At first, I lied to him about a “new game database,” that the program could search for the first until the last game, for free. Not only games, it can search for cheats, mods, maps, and any other properties that the game must have. He looks so happy that he received my USB happily.

And then after he tried it, he confused what to do after the message box “shutdown or close” appears. He first tried to shutdown the computer, and it really shutdown. After that, he tried the “no” button, then the message box “NYANYANYANYANYA” always appears, even after pressing the close button. Then, he logged off his computer. He started it again, but suddenly he confused again because the task manager disappears. After that, he asked me via Line how to recover the task manager. I said that there was anti virus special for this program. Then he tried it, but still, no effect. I said again that he must “run as administrator,” at last, the virus’ effect disappear.

I success in this social engineering, but I also fail it. I success because the task manager is disabled and overall the program did make Ansell confused and asked me quickly, I fail because there is no music played, and the auto run after the Windows started didn’t even start the program.

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