“Simple Pokemon Mini Game” using Python
Time: 2 Weeks!
(15% of your final score of this term!!!)

Each of Pokemon will have the status:
Experience: 0
Level: 1
Hitpoints: 10

The game will start by choosing the Pokemon:
Select Your Pokemon:
1. Bulbasaur (Grass)
2. Charmander (Fire)
3. Squirtle (Water)
Note. You have to set / initialize each pokemon status !!! (your pokemon, wild and great pokemon)

This is the main menu that will be looping through out the game!!!
Select Your Next Move:
1. Fight with wild Pokemon (Chikurita – Grass, Cyndaquil – Fire, Totodile – Water)
2. Fight with Great Pokemon (Mewtwo – Psychic, Dialga – Dragon, Palkia – Dragon)
3. Heal Your Pokemon
4. Quit

Battle & Levelling System
The battle will take in turn, yours and your opponent!!!
Sample of the formula:
Normal Attack
if your pokemon has attack of 10:
HP enemy 100, defense 2, the damage will be 10 – 2 = 8, so the HP enemy will be 100 – 8 = 92
Super Effective Attack (Water against Fire, Fire against Grass, Grass against Water)
if your pokemon has attack of 10, because of its super effective it will be doubled!
HP enemy 100, defense 2, the damage will be 10 – 2 = 8 * 2 = 16, so the HP enemy will be 100 – 16 = 84

Battle ended
when you defeat your enemy, or when you get defeated!!!
You will get experience from each battle, you can formulate the way your pokemon will level up!
1 -> 2 need experience: 50
2 -> 3 need experience: 100
Once your pokemon level up, the status will increase!
hitpoints, attack and defense

Heal Your Pokemon will restore hitpoints of your pokemon after each battle!!!

The game will be ended when you have eliminate at least one of the great pokemon (make sure to set the high value of these pokemon, otherwise you’re a cheater!!!), or when you choose Quit (which apparently turns you a loser!!!)

Note: You may not use OOP technique for this project!

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