Music Video Project 2016

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Assessment Criteria Story (1-4) Music video is a video that can describe the story within. It should clearly deliver positive message to its audience. The good landscape setting will make the whole video look more professional. It can be formed as the whole performance with good make up or dance, or the story that can be


“Simple Pokemon Mini Game” using Python

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“Simple Pokemon Mini Game” using Python Time: 2 Weeks! (15% of your final score of this term!!!) Each of Pokemon will have the status: Type: GRASS Experience: 0 Level: 1 Hitpoints: 10 Attack:4 Defense:2 The game will start by choosing the Pokemon: Select Your Pokemon: 1. Bulbasaur (Grass) 2. Charmander (Fire) 3. Squirtle (Water) Note.


“Creating Quiz” using Python

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Creating Quiz using Python Time: 2 weeks!!! Create quiz and the result will be calculated based on the answer. Reference:, or you can make your own quiz, such as: “SEBERAPA CH-nya sih kamu?” Question: Permainan yang kamu suka: a. Hide & Seek b. Flip the bottle c. Cat and Mouse, then (b) will


Movie Poster Grade 12: Minum Duluan

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MINUM DULUAN By Bethania Purnomo, Donny Fitrado, Ivander Kevin, Silvany Chandra, Steven Lo -6 Juni 2016- MINUM DULUAN SCENE 1: POJOK LORONG APARTEMEN – MALAM Betha ingin pergi ke apartemen Donny untuk kerja tugas bareng Silvany dan Slo. Ia juga maunya menjajak Suci, namun pada saat ditelpon, tidak dijawab. BETHA Duh kok gak dijawab-jawab sih…


Short Movie Project – Scripts

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Synopsis: movie ini menceritakan suatu seorang pasangan suami istri yang ingin melahirkan anak, kerena sang suami tidak punya uang maka sang suami meninggalkan sang istri dan sang ibu melahirkan anak yang nanti nya akan mengalami petualangan yang sanagat mystery di rumah barunya. dia akan menemui anak kembar , sang bibi, dan ke aneh-anehan yang lain.


Mock Exam Sample

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A. State one example of a peripheral that might be attached to a personal computer (PC), but not always. Outline 2 significant purposes of a network. Describe one advantage of using a PC in stand-alone mode, not attached to a network. Outline what the term human resources means in a computer system. Explain why computer