contactwahyu on October 24th, 2016

“Simple Pokemon Mini Game” using Python Time: 2 Weeks! (15% of your final score of this term!!!) Each of Pokemon will have the status: Type: GRASS Experience: 0 Level: 1 Hitpoints: 10 Attack:4 Defense:2 The game will start by choosing the Pokemon: Select Your Pokemon: 1. Bulbasaur (Grass) 2. Charmander (Fire) 3. Squirtle (Water) Note. […]

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contactwahyu on October 24th, 2016

Creating Quiz using Python Time: 2 weeks!!! Create quiz and the result will be calculated based on the answer. Reference:, or you can make your own quiz, such as: “SEBERAPA CH-nya sih kamu?” Question: Permainan yang kamu suka: a. Hide & Seek b. Flip the bottle c. Cat and Mouse, then (b) will […]

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Refer to this case study: Computer Science: Where’s my Sherlock Holmes? Here’s the implementation in Python #Program Stack Implementation #Where’s My Sherlock Holmes? #Initialize Stack shelf1=[‘In The Deep Blue Ocean’,’The Stranger’,’Polly wants a Cracker’] shelf2=[‘The Secret of Monkey Island’,”,”] shelf3=[‘A Good Leader is a Good Servant’,’Quest of Rosetta’,’Le Chuck Revenge’] shelf4=[‘The Bloddy Hell Mary’,’The Lost […]

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