Key Terms

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An input device is any device that puts data into a computer. One example of an input device is a keyboard, because it is used to input commands for the computer to follow. An output device is a device that is capable of taking information from a computer and representing it visually or audibly. A


Responsible Computer Use

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Backups. They are almost required in this day and age if you have important, irreplaceable data or even just your normal, everyday data. Take this hypothetical scenario if, say, your data was on sheets of paper in real life; if the safe in the back room of your house is where you want your data


Operating System

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There are two major operating systems today – Windows and Macintosh. Both of these operating systems can perform the tasks listed above. First, and perhaps one of the main tasks is multitasking. Multitasking refers to being able to perform many tasks at the same time. For example, listening to music on iTunes while working on