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1.a. Reading Time Number of device per day (2) b. Highlighting/ Bookmarking – not acceptable as printed books also have Brightness adjustment (1) 2. Account System, Synchronizing Will be granted full mark for additional information such as clearly explain the synchronization process (5) 3. Lack of IT Terminologies ADEQUATE (4) 4. The answer is somehow […]

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1.a. Genres Reading time (2) b. Hyperlink for navigation Re sizable text (2) 2. User account system is explained Synchronizing process is not well explained, terminology is not used eBook can be read online/offline, readable from multi devices is not explained (4) 3. Passive method is explained using example, talking about piracy issues Active method […]

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1.a. Genre Particular time for purchasing many books (2) b. Animations Highlighting – printed books can also have (1) 2. Synchronizing data Cloud term stated and explained (the way for using account) However, found some repetition text/ sentences which actually can be used for additional information (5) 3. Active method – lack of technical explanation […]

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1. a. Copy/Paste/Export/Search/Annotate (0) b. can open in many platforms (1) flexibility to display newspaper 2. Synchronizing stated but not explained Cloud (IT terminology) has been use with little description (2) 3. Selection on certain topics Distributing Cobb books to library The methods are not explained clearly and in technical perspective The advantages and disadvantages […]

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1. a. Reading Time Genre (2) b. Interactive Multimedia Search/ Navigating (2) 2. Synchronization of reading progress. Account system has described (Cloud – IT Terminology) Process of Synchronizing is well explained (5) – Full Mark will be granted if candidates didn’t mention brand 3. Cobb Publishing Active methods: password protection, list of active method stated protect […]

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1. a. Genre Amount of book (2) b. “READ TO ME” – not clear, cannot describe digital format images – printed books also have (0) 2. Synchronization on multi devices with a withdraw privacy and security issues (3) 3. First paragraph just write down again the question about active and passive method (no clear explanation between […]

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