Items that need to be submitted:
– a ZIP/RAR file contains your product (running application and source code)
– a DOC file contains Criterion C

The Assessment Criteria:
The progress level of each items.
You’ll get full mark only if these items are considered done.
However, if no one has finished it, the one that has maximum level of completion will achieve full mark.

The functionality of the product.
You’ll get better mark if your product has capability to run, even though not all features has added.

The structures of criterion C.
Marks will be awarded for those of you that:
– able to identify the tools you are using to develop your product.
– able to explore the techniques you’ve been using to develop your product.
– able to explain in details, how you developed your product.
the usage of the screenshot of both the interface and/or snippet code are strongly recommended, however the explanation must be relevant with the images.

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