Computer Science Social Engineering

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Construct a program that will be displaying some messages in your friend’s computer.

Please note that please conduct a research first before put your plan to your task list, to make sure that it is doable or not.

The Task List could be as follows:
* The tool/ software used: Visual Basic.
* The target system: Windows Operating System.
* The target person: My friend
* The message: will open calculator every hour, along with the message that “Math is Fun” or things like that.
* The trigger: put trigger on the Registry
* Social Engineering: copy important file in the disk

Submit these task list to the teacher!

After the trial, submit your code, along with the report of the result!

Please follow these instructions!
* You Will NOT use this assignment to do anything bad to your target!
* You Will set an auto destruct (remove your file, clean your key in registry, if any) once the program runs! or doing it manually!
* You Will then explain to the target that this is part of Computer Science Project!
* You are ONLY allowed to display text/message or any other usual activities. Removing files/folders or any other negative impacts are strictly PROHIBITED. You are the ONLY person who take FULL RESPONSIBILITIES of your own code!

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