For Computer Science Extended Essay, the result of Viva Voce will determine (if possible) the mark in Criterion D and Criterion K, so get ready with the questions that the supervisor will ask to you

The common questions:

  • What is your RQ (Research Question)?
  • Why do you think your RQ is feasible for Computer Science Extended Essay?
  • There are so many Computer Science’s topic, why do you choose this one? (your answer can be: because you are mastering the topic, or you like/interested with the topic, or the topic is somehow became a popular topic at the time when you wrote your essay)
  • How did you conduct your research?
  • How much time you spent in total (roughly) to write your essay?
  • Have you conduct your own experiment/programming?
  • Have your RQ finally answered? Explain briefly!

Specific questions:

“Analyzing territory scoring algorithm with Minimax to develop game Amazon”
(Clark Makmur Suwidjaja)

Can you describe about the game? (you can explain from its rule, the purpose of the game and the differences compared with chess)
What do you know about space complexity and time complexity?
How do you draw the game board into a programming language? (or you may say, how to initialize the game)
What does Territory Scoring mean?
Can you explain how the Minimax can be used in Territory Scoring Algorithm? (is it part of it)
In your opinion, why Minimax algorithm has used recursive method?
Explain the three basic steps for each turn!
What is your conclusion?
Supervisor’s Feedback: Make a standard/better document format!
Student’s Feedback: Do you have something to say related with your essay?

How effective is the sequential Clark and Wright’s savings algorithm in finding a sub-optimal solution to the multi depot vehicle routing problem compared with brute-force method?
(Daniel Gonawan)

What conditions that must be fulfilled for the VRP?
Explain the differences between VRP and MDVRP!
Explain each algorithm! (Clark and Wright and brute-force)
What is the purpose of method pow in Math object?
What does the keyword @Override mean?
From the percentage error chart, why is the result different? (The p02 is somehow has largest value)
Student’s Feedback: Do you have something to say related with your essay?

How do metamorphic viruses change its form, and how do anti-virus programs detect metamorphic viruses?
(Daryan Sugandhi)

What string signatures mean? Why do viruses need string signatures?
What the difference between Polymorphic and Metamorphic?
Which programming language normally use to create Polymorphic Virus?
How do viruses evolve? (You can answer the process, whether it is automatically or what)
What’s the characteristic of Win32.Evol?
Can you describe how the Anti Virus normally detect the Metamorphic Virus?
Supervisor’s Feedback: Change the term ‘Algorithm’ to ‘Flow Chart’

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