A-BEAUTY SPA Corp is a Mobile Spa Company based in Surabaya. It just opened its operation and want to develop a system. Customers can do a reservation to have a service and its staff/therapist will come to customer’s place to do the service. The company has more than 20 therapist and they earned a monthly salary depends on their position. Besides that, the company also sell some cosmetic goods and stuffs to its customer, and they even sell to the distributors. Ocassionally the goods that expire will be delivered back to A-BEAUTY SPA Corp. The payment will be made in full/partial, so the company need to check for its account receivable.

Construct a Context Level DFD, Level 0 and Level 1 DFD based on the scenario above!

Construct all tables that might be needed for the RDBMS!

Construct ER Diagram!

The name of the company is fictions. Any same or similarities are purely coincidental.


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