Yesterday night I send my virus to two of my friend’s email then I inform them to check it by saying that it’s my experiment for my school project. Then when they check it they thought that its just their computer cant open my file then they just click run. When they ran into my friend’s computer, their computer change into bluescreen. Then they innocently press the restart button, then their computer automatically restart. Then when its start up their computer will be back into normal. But the thing is my friends really want to open my file that I sent so they open it again. Then they restart it twice. Both of them restart it twice but their reaction was different. One of them just think open it again because she is curious of what I have sent but the second time she realize that it’s a prank and she almost fell for it but then I told her that you can alt+tab and close it. While my second friend she’s freak out and frightened. She also open it twice, so her computer also restart twice.

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