On the 12th of May 2015, I used my program to my good friend, Igna. The program that I made is an annoying virus that pops out a mathematical question every hour after the computer is turned on. The program spread is through flashdrive, but it have to be run manually through the flashdrive. The program copies itself to a folder and injects into the run registry. The program will selfdestruct itself with a secret code entered in the text box answer.

When Igna is playing on his laptop, I talked to him for a while. Then secretly I inject my program to his computer. The program will only run when the computer is restarted. It seems that the program has been succesfully injected. Igna get a glimpse that I inject something to his computer, but he didn’t realize that it is a program that will stay there in his laptop.

The next day, I asked Igna how the program is.Igna felt surprised how the program is still there in his laptop, bu t he already know the secret password. So he keep calm and enter the password, this self-destruct the program and never again pops out in his laptop. This makes me learn a lot about computer security and how vulnerable our computer is with those internet connection.


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