Computer Security: Social Engineering (Bian)

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On 8th of May, I tried my program on my friend computer. His name is Richard Angga Pranata, he is in the same class with me 11IB2. My program will start when he clicks on it and then it will run the program. By using flash drive I able to copy the program into his computer. I can copy the file while we are in the same class, on that time we had an assignment which require to be finished. I ask Carissa for a flash drive and then by using her flash drive will give us an opportunity to create an opening because I and Carissa had the same objective that gives him both our prank virus to his computer. Both of us had the same objectives so we work together and then by Richard permission I able to copy both file to his desktop computer while Carissa trying to stalling by talking to Richard for a few minutes. For my files I create a shortcut into his desktop while copies the program elsewhere. By using shortcut I able to change my program icon into text which has the same file name with his old text file.

When he tried to open the program, the program will executes and then it will shown the layout and there will be a progress bar and three buttons where each button will have a different purpose. When the first button executes it will show a message which will make the user to worried about their computer while the progress bar will continue to fill up and then he will able to make choices to “Abort, Retry or Ignore”, the choices will have the same purpose and shows up Msgbox where windows shutdown. There also help that show message box to press the button start. There also Close button that have the same process with the Start button but close button will restart the computer.

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