Part 3 : Scenario

The scenario for the social enginnering is as follows:

  1. Ask help from a friend which is in the same class of the target (Wilson)
  2. I give Wilson a flashdisk containing the program.
  3. He then insert the flashdisk containing the program, and copy it into the desktop during school hours.
  4. He then delete the “dota 2” shortcut in the desktop and replace it with my program which also have the dota 2 icon and name.
  5. After then we wait until the target (Reynaldi) went home.
  6. During the evening the target will usually open dota 2 to play, this is the exact moment when the program will launch.
  7. When he launch the program, nothing will appear in his vision, but in fact the program is launched.
  8. Then, after he realize it didnt work he opened dota from steam.
  9. During his gameplay he suffered problems.
  10. After 1 hour then the question form popped out and shows the question (part 2)
  11. He then selected the wrong question, and wait another hour
  12. During the wait time he “messaged” me
  13. I told him to wait for 1 hour
  14. After that he proceeds to answer the right question and the program is completely removed.
  15. No harm were done to the targets computer and remain the same prior to the virus.

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