Christian School *
As far as I know, Christian values has implemented in teaching process.
Student’s devotion has also run well throughout the academic year, which is good.

PC teachers *
The role of PC Teachers is really important for building a better communication between schools and parents. Reacter teachers also support christian sharing articles that can be used during the PC Session. This is
very good, even though only a few teachers used it.

Morning Meeting *
How useful is morning devotion and information session? (scale 1 – 10 from not useful to very useful) Any better suggestion?
Information Session is good (8)
I don’t give 10 because sometimes the sound is not really loud (even though we already move forward). The usage of microphone will actually be good, except, if we can somehow make teacher’s lounge soundproof, because at the
back, there’s a hole which make all the sound from teacher’s lounge spread outside the room. PS. The idea to split whiteboard in daily base was very good, however, the drawback is, we cannot put the important information that
last long for several weeks
Morning Devotion is average (5)
Some of the teachers were really good in preaching, while others (including me 🙂 ) were just ordinary. If we expect to have a really good morning devotion, I suggest, leaders and reacter teachers and perhaps some of good teachers will be the one who lead it. And we don’t have to have it every morning, instead we can do some other activities. If I can suggest, we can arrange it as follows:
MONDAY: Devotion Session (led by leaders and reacter teachers or some teachers who get used to preach)
TUESDAY: Praise & Worship Session – we just sing and pray (led by leaders and reacter teachers or some teachers who get used to become a worship leader)
WEDNESDAY: Game Session (led by teachers who has skill on it)
THURSDAY: Sharing Session (led by Subject Leaders) the content could be some difficulties in particular subject, including student’s problem
FRIDAY: Exercise Session (led by PE Teachers). Teachers also need to get some exercises, so I suggest once a week, every Friday, all teachers will gather together at backyard to have some exercise session. Every Friday, teachers will bring extra clothes, so after the exercises, they can change their clothes and get ready to teach.

Students safety and security in the school
How do you describe the safety and security system in our school? Any suggestion to make it better?
Quite good. I think leaders has done some actions to make it better.

Yard duty
Is it a good system? Any suggestion to make a better system to supervise the students during off class?
Again, I’m sorry to say that I’m not quite happy with the teachers on duty. In the beginning of the year, we committed to do the duty consistently. However, during the year, some of teachers cannot do this regularly. For myself, some of the meeting has overlapped the schedule. I think this is also happened with other teachers as well. While in some others time, students has come to computer lab to do their assignment, which is require help from IT teachers.
Here’s the suggestion:
For SSE, I don’t think the presence of the teachers are important (especially in the canteen). I’ve been spending 45 minutes at the canteen with the students while I’m in duty and I saw nothing, except to see students were having their lunch. If Elementary, I will say Yes, we need Teaches on Duty, but not quite in SSE, as they already teenagers. And for break time, teachers should have their break time also. In addition, I think we need to ask to ourselves, how often the incident happened in our school? Is the presence of Teachers on Duty really necessary or not?

For the ones that you did not tick above, kindly give a brief reason of why we should not continue.
All of the activities has run regularly every academic year and it was good. For MTC, once again we need to arrange rules / policies for students who can’t join. WWW is good and useful for the students. Field Trip, I have no idea why we still need it after we have a WWW. We can integrate several subjects and choose the most desirable destination so that we don’t need to have another Field Trip. However, one day field trip is still acceptable. If the field trip has gone out of the city, which requires some teachers to leave their class to substitute teachers.
ChiLeague has run several times, and I think it’s all good, except the preparation consumed lots of time and energies from all teachers.
I’m not familiar with Language Day, but I think we can still continue this.

School discipline
Is point system and chapsa a good discipline system? Any better idea?
Here’s some drawbacks:
CHaPSA is a local system, which requires to be manually turn it on/off for its operation and it can only be accessed during the school hour and inside the school WiFi range
Every new academic year, CHaPSA needs to be re-installed due to new data and information (inputting the new student data gr 7 and 10, and moving the data of the old students to the new grade) and the picture of the students
Some teachers’d love to write down the offense of the student manually and give it to the SA, rather than inputting directly by themselves
In short, if we can allocate budget to purchase a sofware, replacing CHaPSA with new and better system would be highly recommended

Teachers training
Suggest some training topics that you think it is needed by our SSE teachers or you need personally
Any training that can improve teacher’s skill

Teaching Administration *
Do you use the the teaching admin template that has provided by CC in our local website? If not, why? Any suggestion?
Because there was major changes in my subject this year. Last Semester, we used K-13, which TIK has eventually changed into Rekayasa, which has changed all of the contents of the syllabus, while this semester, school has decided to go back to KTSP
Please consider this kind of situation.

Teaching Administration
Have you completed the teaching administration completely and punctually? Yes or no, please give suggestions how to manage it better so teachers will submit all administration punctually.
I have done it for the first semester, I’m still doing the 2nd semester. Again, please consider the changing of the curriculum has a major changes in my subject, which cause the delay

Please suggest of how inputting scores and comments for report session can be completed on time by teachers.
If only we stick on the KTSP last time, may be we can avoid the delay. RICH has developed in order to avoid extra work from IT teachers and curriculum coordinator. Sorry to say that with the government changed the curriculum, the report system has to be reassembled, which requires extra works to modify the code. So, I think this year or as long as the report card still need to be modified every year, we will have the same timeline problems

House System
Kindly share your opinion of our House System implementation this school year. Suggestion for next school year.
It’s not quite affected after they change the name to Love, Joy etc. The previous was better

Scale 1 -10 how important is yard duty? Any comments or suggestion?
I will rate at 5 (Please refer to my comments about yard duty earlier)

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