Evaluation 2014-2015
* Some of time portions occupied with Report Card Development due to curriculum changing
* TI Implementation was not full working.
The plan was actually prepared on the RAKER, but for some reasons it cannot be implemented during the semesters
Some teachers tend to assign the movie projects without informing to TI Teacher, so the project has overlapped one another – students felt exhausted due to too many same projects
* Infrastructure problems, while in lab, students have difficulties to connect to the internet. We have discussed with IT about this, according to them, the problem happened on Mac computers (windows is fine)

Plan 2015-2016
* Hopefully report card will not be modified, so we can focus on TI Implementation
* Upgrade computers iMac R.225 (it’s been 7 years, hardware/software is out of date)
* Solving the Internet problem, just make sure the internet runs smoothly in both lab
* Need consistency for TI plan implementation for all subjects
* TI Trip to Google Indonesia, Sentral Senayan 2 Lt. 28, Jalan Asia Afrika No.8, Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 10270
(021) 30422800
* OSN (Olimpiade Sains Nasional) Computer Science, need lots of preparation
* 09 February 2016 – Press National Day – integrated with Civics, grade 12 – creating e Magazines

Scope & Sequence
Grade 7: ???
Grade 8: Stop Motion, Movie – Basic
Grade 9: ICT – Office, Podcast
Grade 10: Flash – Drawing. Animation, Scripting
Grade 11: Programming Skill – Quartz Composer, XCode
Grade 12: Movie Advance – Short Movie Project, Video Music Integrated with Music & Art (Practical Exam)

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