The student must identify techniques used in developing the product.
The student must explain the techniques, with screenshots, that were used to develop the product identified in criterion A, explaining why they have been used and why they are adequate for the task

In the assessment criteria, it is stated for the highest mark:

The use of techniques demonstrates a high level of complexity and ingenuity in addressing the scenario identified in criterion A. It is characterized by the appropriate use of existing tools. The techniques are adequate for the task and their use is explained. All sources are identified.

As mentioned above, to obtain highest mark, students should be able to IDENTIFY and EXPLAIN the techniques that he/she used for developing the product. The SCREENSHOT of the INTERFACE/LAYOUT and SOURCE CODE is a MUST, so that the explanation will be much easier. The Explanation should be able to answer these questions: Why using these techniques? Why these techniques adequate for the proposed product? All SOURCES need to be identified.

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