Computer Science: IA Criteria B obtaining highest mark

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The student must provide a record of tasks and a design overview that includes an outline test plan.
The Record of tasks form must be used.
The record of tasks and design overview must refer to the product proposed in criterion A.

In the assessment criteria, it is stated for the highest mark :

The record of tasks and the design overview, including an outline test plan, are detailed and complete. From this information it is clear how the product was developed.

To obtain the highest mark in this criteria, students need to create Record of Task, which needs to be stated the consultation with the client, since this will be considered as one of the evidence. If students don’t create the Record of Task, he/she will receive 0 in this criteria. The design overview needs to be created in details and complete. This means, students need to create a layout of the proposed product (could be using software or a scan image from his/her sketch) which is in DETAILED and COMPLETE. Students will also need to create FLOWCHART to explain the process of his/her product. The FLOWCHART that created has to be able to explain especially for the main functionality of the product. However, creating FLOWCHART that can explain the whole process of the product will be an advantage. If students created a database product as his/her proposed product, creating Data Flow Diagram (DFD) and Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) will be also recommended, so the final sentence will be achieved, since we can see CLEARLY how the product will be developed. However, no extended writing is allowed in this criteria.

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