In this academic year, we’ve been struggling with the system because of the curriculum of the government. The system has established since 2013 and it appears then, the system need to be modified because in 2014, school has decided to use K-13 instead of KTSP. The modification consumed lots of time since the subjects has changed. Lately we discovered again that K-13 is just an optional and we can refer to the old curriculum again. This means, another modification is needed for this. Just as a reminders, I’ve put the steps for doing so:
1. Clone folder RICH to RICH2014-1
2. Clone database rich to rich2014-1
3. Algorithm for Mid Semester Report Initializing Process:
loop student’s data
INSERT INTO midreport
loop subject’s data
INSERT INTO midreportdetail
end loop
end loop
4. Create CSV file for Subject Teachers, import into table
5. Truncate table midreport for SMP and SMA, Ready for Insertion!
6. Set Season! Mid Semester 2, 27 March 2015! Start Initialize and Activate!
7. Checking Excel Template, make sure the last column will be used for Mid Exam
8. Make sure term ‘EXAM’ has inserted into the table for the assessment type
9. Set Reminding time before system locked on 18 March 2015
As soon as the system ready, the following screen will disappear:

R.I.C.H - Report Information System for Cita Hati

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