Criteria A
Revise this statement: notepad++ provides a simple connection to the database server. I don’t see any connection between the freeware notepad++ with its ability to connect to the database. In fact, notepad++ is only a text editor that has a built in feature for highlighting some parts of coding.
This paragraph is so biased: XAMPP (MySQL) is a simple open source tool that is used for database systems. In this case, a photographic rating website must have a structured database used for the photos. Besides that, MySQL sets up an easier database connection function for a program rather than any other database tool. XAMPP is a software that has likely three components needed for building web application locally, which are: Apache Web Server, PHP and MySQL Database. You can’t assume XAMPP is the same with MySQL. You make a statement without further explanation, why do photographic rating website need structured database? Why MySQL have an easier database connection? What other tools that you’ve compared with?
You stated: this framework is only used as the starting point of the program… Why ?
Criteria for Success no 3 and 4 is not clear, from my opinion. The rest seems okay.

Criteria B
Record of Task seems realistic.
For the design, the ER Diagram is not clear. You are allowed to put a few text to explain your ER Diagram, though these texts will not be counted as part of your 2,000 words. Using NAME as a key field is not acceptable.
DFD means Data Flow Diagram and I don’t think you will receive all the data that inputted by customer in admin. The term Admin in here is biased, cause in my opinion, admin is the super user who have full control for the whole functions. You need to identify others than Customer.
The Flowchart is not acceptable. You supposed to explain about the flow of the core of your program, such as: how the rating system works, not only flowchart for log in process

Criteria C
Misused of term ‘Server’ at the beginning of this section.
MySQL and phpMyAdmin as the database server. phpMyAdmin is NOT database server.
HTML and PHP as the basic programming language. HTML is NOT programming language.
In CSS section, you quoted: this technique performs the encapsulations of style rules in a centralized location. Unfortunately there’s no further explanation about this, especially with the term encapsulations. The next statement seems not relevant with the previous one.
In MySQL part, it seems that you just put the screenshot of your code, without further explanation about it. There’s an effort to do that in the first paragraph, trying to explain about how to connect to the database (which from my opinion it’s very basic and you don’t need to explain this actually) and by the end of this section, you just take screenshot of your script and put it there.
In PHP section, again, you just put snapshot of your code without detail explanation about how your system works. You mentioned: Some external use of algorithm is also used in here. Which one? Do you mean your code? It’s not an algorithm. And your screenshot is too small. I don’t think the examiner will try to read it, cause it’s just only the code without explanation.
In other section, it seems the student has done the same as the previous one.
In global. I would recommend the student to focus on explaining or discussing specific script that have a main role for the whole program, rather than trying to explaining the basic of the techniques he used. It’s acceptable actually, however, the explanation is too basic and even the main part / function of the program is not explained here.

Criteria D
The student should try to present more confidently. Some of the explanation seems not right, such as the explanation of the session. The explanation of CRUD function for the photos looks good. The explanation of AJAX is not quite right, the student only mention about the optimization without deeper explanation about it. From my opinion, overall, the presentation haven’t shown the functionality of the product. Student may show the result after the visitor gives rating. And the extensibility of the product even may not given.

Criteria E
The evaluation is away too simple, because the student only discuss about the result of the criteria for success, where he supposed to explaining and discussing the issues, especially for the recommendation of the product.

It is recommended to have appendix for your IA.

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