Criteria A
Your statement: Yunita’s operating system is Windows XP, so the program would be developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 – is not relevant.
… and it should be able to fade away – why?
The criteria for success seems okay.

Criteria B
The Record of Task seems realistic. The table structure for the database is way too simple so the creation of the ER Diagram is not applicable. If possible try to expand the tables that used for the system. Also, the creation of the DFD is only applicable in Level 0.

Criterion C
It’s a good thing to include ODBC technique for database connectivity as Visual Basic 6.0 don’t have a MySQL Driver in its library. Kindly exclude the statements of the total words. It seems student expected to discuss more for each operation, such as CRUD with Visual Basic. Student only capture the script without extended explanation about the process. All the information that provided in the development section seems very basic information.

Criterion D
Seems okay. Student can show that the program is functioning. In the same time, she supposed to explain or discuss about the extensible of her product.

Criterion E
For limitation, I think you can put for search function, automation for keep your program running in the background to display a notification or reminder for the user and probably validation function when entering the value/string.

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