Criterion A
Suggestion: change the term ‘bill’ become ‘invoice’, remove phpMyAdmin in this section, since phpMyAdmin is only an open source tool for user to maintain their database, it’s not relevant with your product. Also, your reason for choosing PHP as a tool for developing your product is not acceptable. You use the term ‘search engine’ in the criteria for success without any further explanation, thus it can lead to misunderstanding situation.

Criterion B
The Record of Task seems okay and realistic. The Design seems okay, kindly check some flowchart symbol is not correct. The ER Diagram is very light, indicates that student only used a few tables to manage her database system. The DFD seems not right, please check the data source at the right side.

Criterion C
Some terms has put in the wrong way. Kindly amend it:
This program would have only one server, which is for the administrator server – not clear
1. MySQL phpMyAdmin as the database server – phpMyAdmin is a tool to manage database, it is NOT a database server, MySQL is.
3. Running SQL Program and collect the result – use the term table instead of database. Database is not the same with table!
Including Javascript and Session Management is a good idea, even though the explanation is not too deep. It seems, student only put the code and explain briefly about it. For example, she can explain the way Javascript works for doing the automation calculation of the colli or whatsoever. The portion of explanation or discussion is somehow not balanced with the screenshot that appear at the end of the section

Criterion D
Seems okay, the program seems work properly, even though it has very basic function of the database management system. In the same time, student, however, can also explain about the extensible of her product.

Criterion E
Once again, please check some items in the criteria for success.
I also recommend to create a new server for customer – your term of ‘server’ here is not correct.
In Appendix section, please attach the evidence of interview with the client and also feedback from the client.

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