When writing an Extended Essay, IB students need to see the checklist to check whether his/her essay is good or need to be amended. Here’s one sample  of the checklist

EXTENDED ESSAY CHECKLIST   (adapted from researchstory.wikispaces.com)

Use the following checklist to help you meet the IB General Assessment Criteria. Hand this checklist in with the final draft of your Extended Essay.


Extended Essay Assessment Criteria

A — The Research Question :  (2 points possible)
____ is clearly and precisely stated in the early part of the essay.
____ is sharply focused and not a broad generalization.
____ lends itself to a systematic investigation in my chosen subject area
____ can be effectively dealt within the 4000 word limit of an extended essay.

B –The Introduction includes: (2 points possible)
____ an indication of why the topic chosen is interesting, important, or worthy of study
____ some background information and places the topic in an appropriate context
____ whether the topic has been narrowed to a focus of more manageable proportions
____ a clearly and precisely stated research question
____ a clear concluding statement of the thesis and argument, i.e. the response to the research question that  will subsequently be developed in the body of the essay

C – Investigation shows that it is well planned because: (4 points possible)
____ I have included relevant materials, sources, data and evidence in my essay.
____ I have not included irrelevant information in my essay.
____ I have effectively analyzed the evidence/material/sources/data in my essay.

D – Knowledge and understanding of topic studied  (4 points possible)
____ My essay demonstrates very good understanding of the topic studied
____ My essay clearly locates the investigation in an academic context
____ My evaluation of sources and/or data is appropriate and fully substantiated.
____ I have, through the use of proper grammatical forms, clearly expressed my ideas.
____ I have proof read my essay and have used proper essay formatting.

E – Reasoned Argument  (4 points possible)
____ My essay is a convincing argument that addresses my research question.
____ Ideas are presented clearly and in a logical and coherent manner

F – Analytical & evaluative skills appropriate to the subject  (4 points possible)
____ My essay shows effective and sophisticated application of appropriate analytical and evaluative skills.

G – Use of language appropriate to the subject  (4 points possible)
____ Language used communicates clearly and precisely
____ Terminology appropriate to the subject is used accurately

H – Conclusion  (2 points possible)
____ My conclusion is effective and clearly stated
____ I have written a conclusion that restates my question and is consistent with the argument and evidence presented in my essay.
____ Where appropriate, I have included in my conclusion any new or unresolved questions that arose during my investigation.

I — Formal Presentation  (4 points possible)
____ I have a title page clearly stating my research question, the subject of my extended essay, my name and candidate number.
____ A table of contents is immediately after my abstract.
____ Each page of my essay is correctly numbered and includes my candidate number either in the header or footer.
____ I have accurately and consistently cited all my sources in an accepted format.
____ I have included either a bibliography or a works cited page in an accepted format.

J – Abstract  (2 points possible)
____ My abstract is within the 300-word limit.
____ I have clearly stated my research question in my abstract.
____ I have clearly stated how my investigation was undertaken in my abstract.
____ My abstract contains the conclusion I reached in my essay.

K — Holistic Judgement  (4 points possible)
____ My essay reflects my best effort.
____ I have shown insight in my essay.
____ I have demonstrated depth of understanding of my chosen subject and topic.
____ I have demonstrated inventiveness and flair through my writing style.


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