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We also provide training for students of IB Computer Science. Some  students have complained that the subject Computer Science is quite difficult. It is certainly not true, because we think with practice of writing intensive program, will make students familiar in dealing syntax of programming language and form of algorithmic thinking that would be very useful in problem solving and decision-making. The syllabus of Computer Science will refer to the latest syllabus in 2012, is as follows:

SL/HL core
The topics that must be studied, including some practical work, are:
• Topic 1: System fundamentals (20 hours)
• Topic 2: Computer organization (6 hours)
• Topic 3: Networks (9 hours)
• Topic 4: Computational thinking, problem-solving and programming (45 hours)
HL extension
The topics that must be studied, including some practical work, are:
• Topic 5: Abstract data structures (23 hours)
• Topic 6: Resource management (8 hours)
• Topic 7: Control (14 hours)
Case study
Additional subject content introduced by the annually issued case study

Option SL/HL core HL extension
Students study one of the following options:
Option A: Databases
Option B: Modelling and simulation
Option C: Web science
Option D: Object-oriented programming (OOP)

Internal assessment
Practical application of skills through the development of a product and associated documentation
Group 4 project

Training includes:
– Learning all syllabus Computer Science, including topics that considered difficult
– Assisting students in completing his/her task
– Consultation for Internal Assessment (Solution and Group 4 Project) and Extended Essay Computer Science
– Intensive Course before the Final Exam

Training Objectives:
– IB Students who want to get better grades in the subject Computer Science
– non-IB students who wish to pursue graduate studies in Computer Science, MIS  (Management Information System) and System Engineer
– Students who wish to pursue the field of programming, programming both desktop, web and mobile application

Form training:
– for trainees who live in Surabaya, the instructor will immediately conduct training in a student house
– for trainees who reside outside Surabaya, training can be done online, where time will be adjusted in accordance with the agreement between trainees and instructors.

About the Instructor:
Name: Wahyu Kurniawan
Teaching Computer Science in IB schools in Surabaya in 2012 – now
Obtain a certificate of training Computer Science New Curriculum in 2012 through the IB Online Course
Creating a web-based report card system in the IB school where he taught
Provide training report card system admin IB Coordinator and other IB teachers


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