I always feel honored to become 12IB1 PC Teacher. Even though I’ve spent with these wonderful students for two periods, still it’s not enough to know them personally. We have cheerful Aileen, that always become the energy’s source of the class. Albert, Alvin and Nathan who are mostly quiet 🙂 Tiffy with her great performance in cheerleader. Clara with her art talent. James who finally finish all of his task 🙂 Sadha and Jeff who always diligent. Amanda and Sheena, people will envy to see their togetherness 🙂 Faye who has a very beautiful voice. Kathleen, who always become a good inspiration to others. Daniel, a computer science guy 🙂 Daryan who always strong, even in his most difficulties situation in his life. Justin, the basketball guy 🙂 Marvin, who has awesome music talent. Feli, who always struggle to come early #NoOffense 🙂 and Sellina who always care and reminds the class for important things. I just wanna say thank you for the time that we spent together and I’m looking forward to see you guys again in the future, when you have become a man and woman who has pride of your own and (probably) a family of your own too 🙂 Always become a good people that fear of God and surrender all things into Him. Last, but not least, good luck with your final exam and I wish you will pass with excellent score!