We are having problems in the beginning to compile the cover page since the student has compiled all the documentation in Mac, while he was developing the game in Windows. The basic knowledge of HTML is required, so the students will face no difficulties in arranging the cover page.

Criterion A
In this criteria, I see some of the unnecessary text has included in this section, such as: Why I choose RPG Maker VX Ace? The answer is in the next sub – I don’t think this kind of sentence should be appear as it just like waste of sentences. And from my opinion, student don’t need to list all the version of RPG Makers. The success criteria seems okay, however.

Criterion B
Make sure any kind of text in this section is not counted as part of total words. Please revise if you have done so. The game design seems okay, except the flowchart, which is no using a standard symbol and some mistakes has made, such as: there’s no end, the branch has used in inappropriate ways, rarely seen the main procedure or loop in the flowchart. The Record of Task, however, seems realistic and fine.

Criterion C
Well, may be this is not a big deal, but the script snapshot is not proportional one another. Student should put standard for the script snapshot so the examiner will have no difficulties to read it. Some of mistypes and incorrect grammar still found in this section. Rarely seen some algorithm of the game has discussed here. Overall, the development has not well described. Student only write the basic common things about RPG Maker and its features without extended explanation about the game development itself. For instance, in every game programming, there is a stated called main looping. This will be a starting point where the character appear and interact with other character (friends and foes) for the whole game. Student should be able how he program this. Or, he can discuss about the method he used to calculate the collision between sprites, the calculation for meet the enemies, the calculation for leveling up, how he manage the stats of his character etc. If, in this case, all the methods has taken by RPG Maker Engine, still, student should be able to explain it.

Criterion D
Student’s voice in the presentation is not clear since the background music is too loud. It would be good for the game to be played in some certain parts, while other part of the video can be used to discuss about the technical stuff or the extensible of the product.

Criterion E
The evaluation seems fair and the recommendation should be doable in the future. Direct references are made to the success criteria that were stated in criterion A. There are evidences of feedback in this criterion.

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