CitaHati Work Updates

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Weekly Agenda of Teaching
Grade 10, create sprite from, export it as PNG file and upload it to edmodo
Grade 11, submission of comic’s project
Grade 12, creating a review ebook using iBook Author
Grade 11IB, submission of solution title for G4 Project, preparing the project
Grade 12IB, developing IA, exercise for the exam

Other issues
G4 Project goes to Bali 4 February – 8 February 2015
Extended Essay Viva Voce
Student drill for Computer Olympiad
Preparing School Examination’s Questions
Appraisal process is finally done
Print Government Report
Print the Certificate of Completion for the Real Deal Program 2014
Finishing the student’s score for K13 Report Online
Collecting Report Folder & all the needed documents from grade 11IB1 student
Cita Hati 25th Anniversary
The certification of the teacher 2015 has reopened
Get involved in Graduation Committees Class of 2015
Design system of Extra Curricular Registration for student, Class of 2016
#R.I.C.H semester 2 will need to be adjusted

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