2b. Once upon a time there is a girl in a village, her name is Rosetta. She lives together with her grandfather, his name is Wizard Ahimsa. Actually Ahimsa is not her biological grandpa, he raised her when she was little. One day his grandfather told her that she was predicted to be the savior of the village, Sacrenia from the evil Wizard Ahimsa. So that her grandpa told her what to do to save Sacrenia and then her grandpa gave her a magic book. Her grandpa also told her that the first important thing is she should become a wizard first.  But before she can be a wizard she needs to translate the magic book in Camiria. After Rosetta arrived in Camiria she needs to collects some money so that she can buy stuff or things so that she would need to overcome challenges that she will faces in that Camiria. After she pass through all hidden places she transform become a great wizard, she met her granpa again. And she knows the fact that her grandpa was the bad man. After having conversation with her grandpa she was challenged to defeat her grandpa with the spell or power she had. Then her grandpa was defeated and dead.

3. rosetta granpa, rosetta, oldman that lost their child, oldman that poisoned by ahimsa, villagers, shopkeeper

4. It is called logic game because high-level languages are the logical semantic evolution of mid-level languages.  It makes a lot of sense when you consider the philosophy of simplification and increase of abstraction. This game also make the gamers think what should they do next with the information given in the game. And as this game use high language programming it is called as logic game.

5a. the programing language that is used to make desktop games is C# program.

5b. C# is called as “C-sharp”. It is a multi-paradigm language that was developed by Microsoft. C# was released in December 2001. C# is made by combining principles from c and c++ programming language. The purpose why the Microsoft made this programming language is for develop the software for Microsoft and windows platforms. C# is also used to write program application for hosted system or embed system. C# is made or designed in the simplest way so that it is easier to make a game or doing something related with programming. After c# was made it was the main programming language in the developing platform in Microsoft .net framework.

5c. C# is high level of programming language

6. high level procedure is easier to make that the other level of programming, the function of higher level of programming is wider than other level of programming because usually it is made to minimalize the disadvantages and get more advantages

7. Higher level of programming is the easiest language for human to make a program or the simple language for human to communicate with computer. The medium level is the language that is almost the same with computer language but it is still needed to convert the language to computer language. The low programming language is the language that is the computer language so that the computer will be easier to read or know what we ask them to.

8. The usage of low programming level is for decreasing the time needed to finish what we want to achieve. For example for making game we need to choose which level of language programming. If we use low level programming language it will be faster to finish the game.

9. Advantages

  • compact code structure (despite repeated branch opcodes)
  • reduced source statements (versus repetitive If statements)
  • reduced requirement to test return codes individually (if used at call site to determine subsequent program flow)
  • Algorithmic and code efficiency (data need only be encoded once and branch table code is usually compact), and the potential to attain high data compression ratios. For example, when compressing country names to country codes, a string such as “Central African Republic” can be compressed to a single index, resulting in large savings – particularly when the string appears many times. In addition, this same index can be used to access related data in separate tables, reducing storage requirements further.

For library functions, where they may be referenced by an integer:

  • improve compatibility with subsequent software versions. If the code of a function and the address of its entry point is changed, only the branch instruction in the branch table needs to be adjusted, application software compiled against the library, or for the operating system, does not need modification.

In addition, calling functions by number (the index into the table), can sometimes be useful in some cases in normal application programming


Restrictions in some programming languages (although there are usually alternative ways of implementing the basic concept of multi way branching).


10. Compiler is a piece of code that translates the high level language into machine language. The compiler scans the entire program first and then translates it into machine code which will be executed by the computer processor and the corresponding tasks will be performed.  Interpreters also convert the high level language into machine readable binary equivalents. Each time when an interpreter gets a high level language code to be executed, it converts the code into an intermediate code before converting it into the machine code. Each part of the code is interpreted and then execute separately in a sequence and an error is found in a part of the code it will stop the interpretation of the code without translating the next set of the codes.