Quest of Rosetta – High Level Programming Assignment

2. The beginning the story started with 20 years old Rosetta staying with her grandfather. Apparently she is destined to beat the evil wizard Ahimsa to save the world. So she starts her quest by going to nearby towns and asking for help. With only limited money given by her grandfather, she had to do jobs to gain more. But from the information given by the people, she gained enough knowledge on secret passages where she could gain more money. She had to find the Lucky Lake. Before that she has to learn how to use magic first. She has to be able to read the Magic Book given by her grandfather and learn them all. After being able to use the Protect Magic, she is able to go to the Lucky Lake and gain more than enough money. Using the money to buy Magic tools, she was able to defeat the monsters blocking her path to complete her quest. After learning Flame and Thunder Magic she was finally able to meet the evil wizard Ahimsa. Turns out Ahimsa is her grandfather himself. He disguised himself as her grandfather to train her and defeat her. But with Rosetta’s new magic skills, he was defeated. With that, peace has returned and Rosetta decided to explore more.

3. Stakeholders; Rosetta, her grandfather/Ahimsa the evil wizard, old man and his grandson, old men from town of Camiria, castle of Tyverr, Winkle village, and the house before the final battle, trapped old man, horse, guards, shopkeepers and monsters.
4. This game is called a logic game because we need to use our logic to finish it. It kind of makes you think of real life. What you would do before buying objects or where you would go explore. It makes us decide on what we should choose to go on and finish the game.

5. a. The programming language used to develop Quest of Rosetta is a high-level programming language.

b. High-level  programming language is a programming language that often uses  strong abstraction and details. The first high-level programming language designed for computers was by Konrad Zuse. Sadly it wasn’t used in his time and his original contributions were largely isolated from other developments. In the 1960s, high-level programming languages using a compiler are mostly called autocodes. The most common one is Fortran. It then was quickly widespread. Then Algol was introduced. Algol uses concepts such as while-do and if-then-else. Examples of popular high-level programming languages today may include Java, Python, Visual Basic, Delphi, Perl, PHP, ECMA Script, Ruby and many others.

c. High-level

6.  A procedure is a set of rules to follow which if they conclude produce some result while function is a basic task of a computer, especially one that corresponds to a single instruction from the user. The purpose for a function is to return some explicit value while the purpose for a procedure is to execute an action.

7. They are terms that are used to classify the levels. A high-level programming language is more absract and are usually more concerned with the system as a whole. While a low-level programming language is one that describes the components individually.
8. A low level language provides programmers an opportunity to improve their development skills in general because it is more efficient and doesn’t use abstraction.

9.            Advantages

  • compact code structure
  • reduced source statements
  • reduced requirement to test return codes individually
  • Algorithmic and code and the potential to attain high data compression ratios.


  • Extra level of indirection
  • Restrictions in some programming languages

10.          Compiler

  • Takes entire program as input
  • Intermediate Object Code is Generated
  • Conditional Control Statements are executed faster
  • Memory requirement is more
  • Program need not to be compiled every time
  • Errors are displayed after entire program is checked



  • Takes single instruction as input
  • No Intermediate Object Code is Generated
  • Conditional Control Statements are executed slower
  • Memory requirement is less
  • every time higher level program is converted into lower lever program
  • Errors are displayed for every instruction interpreted