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The story has a main character a girl with a green hair called Rosetta. She lives in the Peacefull mountain with his grandpa. One day her grandpa told her to go to Camiria to learn magic and fight against Ahimsa who wants to rule the world. His grandpa said to her if she is th one who will be able to fight Ahimsa, his grandpa give Rosetta a magic book and 25 rupiah of money. The game shows us next Rosetta in a place near Camiria city. After entering the city there are some people there. There is a guard that tell if the road at north to peacefull mountain is blocked by rock because of an earthquake. There is also a good wizard who knows if the book is magic. Rosetta also get a job from an old man to deliver a cake to an oldman in the forest, and straws to Tyveria castle. After having enough money, Rosetta could buy a magic candle to walk in a cave and Rosetta found a key inside one of the box in the cave. An oldman in Tyveria castle told Rosetta to go west to a forest and Rosetta go there. When she arrived tere was abandoned house with an oldman traped inside. The oldman say thankyou to Rosetta and leave her. There Rosetta find a magical bow. Rosetta then go back to Tyveria again to buy an arrow for the bow and a shield. Using that items Rosetta could kill Satana who blocked the way to Winkle village. Rosetta buy some items there with a spell also, and the wizard translated the book. Back to Camiria the wizard there teach Rosetta about Protect spell and defeated Akylla and found an oldman with a hut and told Rosseta to give the grandson back to his grandpa and the grandpa thank her. Rosetta went back to the oldman who teach her thunder spell and Rosetta teleported to a mysterious place. She meet her grandpa who told her he was Ahimsa that attack Rosseta village long ago but can’t Rosetta because she was still a baby and force Rosetta to fight him. Then Rosetta cast thunder and Ahimsa died.



Rosetta: A young girl with a green hair who leave in Peacefull mountain until one day her grandfather told her to learnmagic to fight the evil Wizard Ahimsa, who was his grandfather.

Ahimsa: An evil wizard who destroy Rosettta village long time ago and pick Rosseta as his step grandso to killher when she is adult.

Wizard: An old man who knows magic. There are one one good wizard in every town/ place.

Guard: A security who help tavellers with information around.


This game is called logic game because it use our brain think logically to solve the game, like chess game are also anotherxample of logic game.


The first high-level programming language designed for computers was Plankalkül, created by Konrad Zuse.  However, it was not implemented in his time, and his original contributions were (due to World War II) largely isolated from other developments, although it influenced Heinz Rutishauser‘s language “Superplan” (and to some degree also Algol). The first really widespread high-level language was Fortran, a machine independent development of IBM’s earlier Autocode systems. Algol, defined in 1958 and 1960, by committees of European and American computer scientist, introduced recursion as well as nested functions under lexical scope. It was also the first language with a clear distinction between value and name-parameters and their corresponding semantics. Algol also introduced several structured programming concepts, such as the while-do and if-then-else constructs and its syntax was the first to be described by a formal method, called BNF, for Backus-Naur form. During roughly the same period Cobol introduced records (also called structs) and Lisp introduced a fully general lambda abstraction in a programming language for the first time.


It’s a high level programming language.


The branches are adding features to the game, but it makes the memory cost bigger.


A compiler is a piece of code that translates the high level language into machine language. When a user writes a code in a high level language such as Java and wants it to execute, a specific compiler which is designed for Java is used before it will be executed. The compiler scans the entire program first and then translates it into machine code which will be executed by the computer processor and the corresponding tasks will be performed.  Interpreters are not much different than compilers. They also convert the high level language into machine readable binary equivalents. Each time when an interpreter gets a high level language code to be executed, it converts the code into an intermediate code before converting it into the machine code. Each part of the code is interpreted and then execute separately in a sequence and an error is found in a part of the code it will stop the interpretation of the code without translating the next set of the codes.

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