Tan Chin Heng/11IB2

One day, there is a small house in peace mountain. There are wizard and his granddaughter, rosetta. The wizard wants to tell something to rosetta. He has waited for a long time. He says that rosetta is not from peace mountain. She is the chosen one to save sacrenia from evil wizard ahimsa. There was a legend that after 20 years, a young wizard will save sacrenia. She must hurry because no time left. Ahimsa has cursed sacrenia and used it to take control over the world. The ways is to be a wizard, do the journey to improve magical skills. There is one way to defeat ahimsa, that is cast magic of thunder. Then, he gives her a magic book that is helpful and money 25 rupiahs. He tells his daughter to travel to camiria and will meet again when she possess magic of thunder. She then go to camiria.

She meet the guard of camiria castle. The guard says to rosetta to go to east to tyverra castle. There is also an old man lives in a small house. there is a small lake with strange magical power. There is no way back because of a giant rock that came from earthquake. To go the winkle village, talk to guard at tyverra castle.

Then she goes to tyverra, then winkle village, kill ahimsa, and the story ends there.


1. Wizard

2. Rosetta

3. Ahimsa

4. Shopkeeper

5. Old man

6. Guard

It’s a logic game because in this game, there are so many functions related to logic gates. This game uses java as the programming language. This game uses high-level programming.

High level procedural programming languages are c, go, fortran, pascal, basic,

while high level functional programming languages are hope, rex, common lisp, scheme, clojure.

It’s uses high level programming because it deals with variables, arrays, objects, complex arithmetic and subroutines. Low level is lower level that high level, and used to assemble the digit.

Advantages of a lot of branching is often, the results are accurate, but it is too hard to read as there are so many digits in there.

The interpreter takes one statement then translates it and executes it and then takes another statement. While the compiler translates the entire program in one go and then executes it.