2b) There is a girl name roseta that have prophecy that she will saved sacrenia from evil wizard Ahimsa. Sacrenia is the place where roseta actually came from. So her granpa told her that “ a legend sad that after 20 years, there’ll be a young wizard who can saved sacrenia. “ sacrenia is in great danger , the evil wizard put a curse on sacrenia and want to control the world. Her granpa give her magic book and told her that she need to take a journey and mastered the magic of thunder so that she can defeat the evil wizard. Her granpa also giver her money. And she manage to buy a magic candle so that she can go into the cave and find a magic key that can save a oldman that captured by Ahimsa in a house.

She manage to make this granpa free and as a reward the granpa give her golden bow and roseta manage to buy magic arrow so now she can go to winkle village. And not long enough roseta found a lucky where she can get money easily without working, and she can buy all the things she needed. Finally she can find sacrenia and find the little boy that the oldman searching for . and she manage to mastered the thunder magic so she finally prepared to kill Ahimsa, but Ahimsa is actually her granpa, and she was forced to kill her granpa and then gave over.

3) stakeholder: -roseta granpa


-oldman that lost her child

-oldman that prisoned by ahimsa



4) because the people who play the game use their knowledge to do it .( give their brain a workout)

5a) C Language

5b) A general-purpose, imperative programming language developed in the early ’70s, C is the oldest and most widely used language, providing the building blocks. In the roseta game many of the building and barrier is made from blocks. There is other programming language that also possible such as C# ’sharp’, java script, java, and python. C# is the programming language for making a software for windows and Microsoft, this program is developed by Microsoft. Java is made in 1990s by sun microsystems, java is the most demand programming language, a standard programming language like making web-based, content, games and mobile apps,etc. python is a high-level programming language for website and mobile apps like instagram, pinenterest, and Rdio. So in the end I choose C language because I think that is the right one.


5c) low level

6) Procedural programming is a list or set of instructions telling a computer what to do step by step and how to perform from the first code to the second code

A function-level program is variable-free (cf. point-free programming), since program variables, which are essential in value-level definitions, are not needed in function-level programs.

High level : high level language are logical semantic evolution of mid-level languages. High kevel tend to be extremely dynamic and construct to the extreme. The characteristic is interpreted, dynamic construct( open classes, message-style methods, etc), poor performance, concise code, flexible syntax ( good for internal DSLs), hybrid paradigm ( object- oriented and fuctional), fanatic community.


7) The very reason we have such a gradient variety of language designs is that there is a need for all of them at some point.

8) provide little or no abstraction from a computer’s instruction set architecture.

9) advantages : – compact code structure

– reduced souce statements

-reduce requirement to test return codes individually

-algorithmic and code efficiency and the potential to attain high data compression ratios

– restriction in some programming languages

disadvantages : – extra kevel od indirection


10) interpreter : – Translates program one statement at a time.

– It takes less amount of time to analyze the source code but the overall execution time is slower.

– No intermediate object code is generated, hence are memory efficient.

– Continues translating the program until the first error is met, in which case it stops. Hence debugging is easy.

– Programming language like Python, Ruby use interpreters.

Compiler : – Scans the entire program and translates it as a whole into machine code.

overall execution time is comparatively faster. linking, hence requires more memory. program. Hence debugging is comparatively hard.


– It takes large amount of time to analyze the source code but the

– Generates intermediate object code which further requires

– It generates the error message only after scanning the whole

– Programming language like C, C++ use compilers.