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Storyline Quest of Rosetta

In peace mountain, there live a girl named Rosetta. She lived with her grandfather for 20 years. Suddenly her grandfather said that she should save land Sacrenia from an evil wizard called Ahimsa. Her grandfather then give a book of Thunder so she can use it to defeat Ahimsa. Her journey started in Camiria. Her first task is to deliver cake to an oldman nearby. The oldman receive the cake happily but he said his son is lost.Then she go to a dark cave with a magic candle to obtain a key that unlock a house in a magical forest. Inside the house, there is a man who give him a bow. After collecting enough money to buy an arrow, Rosetta defeated Satana, another evil wizard. Then after buying magic shield in Tyverra and also magic of fire learn from the guard, Rosetta defeated Akylla, yet another evil wizard. With the book of Thunder in her hand, she finally found the oldman’s son, but in a sleep and sick condition. With the magic horn the son wake up and with the magic potion he became cured. At the end, Rosetta found Ahimsa, but Ahimsa is actually her own grandfather. Ahimsa said he waited 20 years for Rosetta to grow stronger that he finally will defeat Rosetta, but with the book of thunder in Rosetta’s hand, it was Ahimsa himself that got defeated and killed.

Stakeholders are variable that are affected by the character’s choice of action. First the stakeholders are the items held by Rosetta or the main character. If Rosetta wishes to buy magic candle, the magic candle is added and affected by the character’s action of buying. The second is money. The money will decrease if it is used or lost, while it can increase if there is a quest reward or anything else. Next, is the progress of storyline. The storyline progresses as the character choose the right path and go on with the story.

Rosetta game is called the logic game because it uses logic, which need our mind to think. First, the path for some certain things are shown using words and we need to use our logic to get to the next story . e.g. When the oldman said there is a fake forrest that can be pass through, the character will use logic and check the trees wether they are fake or not. Next, logic is also used for buying stuff that is needed most. In this game, it needs hard work to gain some money and we need to use it wisely. We need our logic to solve this game.

I believe Rosetta game is developed using Quick Basic. Quick Basic was released by Microsoft in the year 1985 in a single 360 kb floppy disk. Later the second version of quickbasic contain Integrated Development Environment (IDE) , which allows to edit directly on screen text editor. Quick Basic are used to run mainly in DOS, though now can run in most computers using emulators. Quick Basic was a compiler, but now it can be a compiler or an intepreter. Quick Basic runs in the Basic language. The next generation of Quick Basic is Visual Basic (VB), eventhough VB doesn’t run in DOS. Now Quick Basic are used in schools as basic in programming.

Quick Basic is a high level programming.

Low level programming is programming that uses the computer language and it does not need compiler or intepreter. Assembly is a low level programming. It will run very quickly than high level programming. Low level programming does not have “while” , “if” , and other syntax which high level programming has. To write in low level programming you need to use numeral codes or computeral codes, which only the computer can understand. This needs memorizing a lot of code.

High level programming is programming that needs to be interpret/compile using compiler or intepreter to present it in computer language. Now most computer will use high level programming language because it makes coding more easy. It has high level abstraction language. It can use syntax such as “If”, “while”. In hogh level programming they have procedures, which we can call procedure to do their thing, you can write your own procedures too, to keep them simple if you want to use it twice or more.

Function and Procedures are different. Function is use to return some explicit value, while procedure is used to do some action. Function has to return some variable as they were before while procedure are used without returning anything. Function usually use in computations while Procedures are use for logic thinking.

Low level programming is used for learning, because this programming language is harder. Also some algorithm may not present in high level programming. Next, the speed to run the program is faster than high level because it gives direct impact to the computer than high level programming language.

Low level programming also gives access to some hardware controls.

Branching is very useful in coding. One of the example is using “CASE”. The advantages are making many possibilities and also making long codes become shorter. Using case means many “IF” s into one. The disadvantages are, when one of the branch has some error, the whole thing cannot run into a program.

Compilers and Intepreters are different. Compiler uses the entire program as input, therefore if an error occur, the program will not work. While intepreter reads the per line one by one. If there is an error, the intepreter will stop in the line where the error is. Error is shown in intepreter for which line the error occurs. Compiler excecutes faster, but it takes more memory space because it generate object code. While intepreter is slower because it read s per line, but need less memory space.

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