2. Rosetta is a girl with a really powerful magician but she doesn’t know that. She lives with his grandpa in peace.mt. One day his grandpa tells her that she is the chosen powerful magician to defeat evil wizard Ahimsa and safe Sacrenia. Ahimsa himself put a curse on Sacrenia, Rosetta need to improved his own magic skill and learn magic of Thunder.With magic books and the money she then traveled far and meet a oldman in a small house and make a request to Rosetta and give her a money 25 rupiah. After long journey she arrived at castle tyverra and found out that she need golden bow and magic arrow to defeat Satana that blocked the Winkle Village or a magician village. She then go to the cave which near the beach and found a magic key which said led to a hidden house in the forest. She search through the entire forest and then found it. She then given the golden bow itself from an old man that can’t escape from the house. She also bought the magic arrow from castle tyverra and straight ahead to Winkle village, defeating Satana. She then arrived at Winkle village and learn protect magic to pass into the lake and found some money to bought everything in all village even the magic of flame. She even found the old man grandson which brought to his home. Then after learn magic of thunder she fought with Ahimsa that shocked herself that Ahimsa is her grandpa. In the end she win and game over.

3. Stakeholder: Rosetta, wizard, oldman, and all villagers (Lake also)

4. Its called Logic Game because we need to think or find the way out, so the game would be over. The game requires us to think more and make a strategy to defeat the final boss.

5. A. The game is built with C++ language programming

B. In 1979, Bjarne Stroustrup has made a thesis which used the programming language simula and realize that the object oriented programming is very useful. The first C language program called C front which derived from compiler C. In 1983 the name C with classes change with C++ which mean incrementing. In 1990 the manual of C++ was released to make a standard for people to used it. In 1998 the first international standard of C++ with ISO was published to make the C++ language have a standard and can used separately. In 2005 the C++ language program release the updates.

C. Low Level

6. Procedure is just like a routine, that simply carries some task. Function is similar to procedure but it return as a value. Procedure calls are statements that get excecute and function calls are expression that get evaluated.

7. Yes , because for the start we need to learn the basic level or low level. Then improving that into high level because we can’t start learn for the high level first.

8. Low level programming is to make a easy program.

9. The Advantage program with branching is easy to built and did not used so many repetition because we can called the function. The Disadvantage is we must separated between part of the program and make it hard to understand.

10. Compiler is for know the program have a error or not and to excecute the program. Interpreter is excecute the programming language without compiling it first.