Quest of Rosetta Storyline

The Quest of Rosetta game is developed by Mr Wahyu in 1998. The game told us a story of a brave young girl named Rosetta in her attempt to save Sacrenia and defeat an evil wizard named Ahimsa. The story begins at peace mountain, where a wizard asked Rosetta for help to defeat Ahimsa, the wizard then give Rosetta a magic book and send Rosetta to the town of Camiria. There an old man told her that she must learn what’s inside the magic book the Wizard gave, in order to be able to defeat ahimsa. There is also another man who asked Rosetta for help. He asked Rosetta to deliver a cake to an old man living alone in the jungle. So Rosetta departs from the town of Camiria and eventually arrive at the old man’s house. Upon arriving on the old man house and giving the old man his cake, the old man told her the story of his missing grandchild and beg Rosetta to help him find his missing grandchild. Rosetta then went to Castle Tyverra, the wise man there told her that there is a cave just south of the castle. However the cave is dark and she needs a magic candle in order to get in there. So with the money she have, Rosetta went back to the town of Camiria and bought a magic candle and went directly to the dark cave, there she found a magic key. She then asked the old man at the castle about the use of the key. The old man told her that he knew nothing about the key, but he said that there are some trees that are actually only illusions. Knowing that Rosetta immediately go and try to find the fake tree. She then found the fake tree and follow the path which brings her to a locked house, she then open the locked house and found that there is an old man locked inside the house. The old man told her that he was caught by Ahimsa and was sealed here, the old man thanked her for saving him and gave her a golden bow as a gift. The golden bow will be used to fight Satana, an evil being guarding Whittle Village. Rosetta then purchased the magic arrow sold on Castle Tyverra and went to Winkle Village to fight Satana. She then Shot her bow and killed Satana, saving Winkle Village. The old man there then helped her read the magic book, then Rosetta went back to the town of camiria to read what’s inside the book. The book have the protect spell in it, and the old man told Rosetta to find a lake called the lucky lake, where she could get money for her preparation to fight Ahimsa. The lake is protected by a strong magic shield that can be neglected under the effect of the protect spell. She then found the lucky lake and got a lot of money from the lucky lake making her able to buy every item at Camiria, Tyverra, and Winkle village. She bought a magic shield, a magic horn, a magic rod, a magic potion and a flame spell. Heading east, Rosetta fought Akyla before meeting Ahimsa, using the shield and rod she bought she defeated Akyla. Upon defeating Akyla she obtained a magic ring. She then head north and found a house, on the house lies the grandchild of the old man who lived in the jungle, she then use the magic horn and magic potion to wake the boy up. She then return the grandchild to the old man and fight Ahimsa. What she didn’t expect is that Ahimsa is actually the wizard himself, unable to accept the truth, she must force herself to fight the wizard. Using Thunder she defeated Ahimsa and saved Sacrenia

The End


There are several characters in the game, they are:

• Rosetta as the main character
• Wizard or Ahimsa
• Old men :
o Town of Camiria
o Jungle
o Trapped old man
o Castle of Tyverr
o Winkle Village
o House before final battle

• Old man’s grandchild
• Horse
• Shopkeeper

Logic Game: Quest of Rosetta

Quest of Rosetta is a type of logic game because we need to think and pick the best choice in order to be able to finish the story. Some decision-making is included also in the game, making it a type of logic game

High, Mid, Low Level programming language

There are 3 types of programming language, the first one is the high-level programming language. This programming language have a strong abstraction from the details of the computer when compared to low-level programming languages. While low Level programming is a programming language that provides little or no abstraction from a computer’s instruction set architecture. And a Mid-level programming language is a combination of both the high and low level programming.

Use of Low level Programming

By using assembly language, programmers can maximize on speed to a level that is not generally possible with high level languages. In cases where applications have significant performance requirements, this is a desirable ability. The reason low level languages allow this increased amount of control is that the code statements exert a more direct impact on the computer’s hardware elements. Also, certain algorithms can be programmed only in assembly language.

Quest of Rosetta Programming Language

Quest of Rosetta either uses the mid-level programming language or the high level programming language.

History of High level Programming Language

The first high level programming language to be designed for a computer was Plankalkul. Plankalkul is a programming language designed for engineering purposes by Konrad Zuse between 1943 and 1945. It was the first high-level non-von Neumann programming language to be designed for a computer. It was designed for Germany, but it is implemented only until 1998 and 2000. Another High level programming language was developed by Alick Glennie. The language is called Autocode. Then decades after decades the language keep improving, other high level programming language such as Python, Java, GLSL, Etc.

Procedure and Function in High Level Programming Language

A Procedure is a set of command which can be executed in order A function returns a value (some can have a set of commands) So in other words, a procedure can only execute commands and cannot returns a value

Advantage and disadvantage of a lot of branching in a program

A lot of branching means a lot more time will be used to make the branch, however the more the branch means more information and detailed the program will be. This also means the more the branch means the higher the file size is.

Compiler and Interpreter

A compiler is a computer program that transforms source code written in a programming language into another computer language.

An interpreter is a computer program that directly executes instructions written in a programming or scripting language, without previously compiling them into a machine language program.

The main difference between Compiler and interpreter is that compiler takes an entire program as an input while interpreter takes single instruction as an input. A Compiler generate an intermediate object while an Interpreter doesn’t, Conditional Control statements are also executed faster using a compiler when compared to using an interpreter. However a compiler needs more memory requirement compared to an interpreter since Object code is generated. In a compiler, program doesn’t need to be compiled every time, while on an interpreter every time there is a higher level program its immediately converted into a lower level program. And last errors are displayed after entire program is checked in a compiler while in an interpreter the errors are displayed for every instruction interpreted.