Share the new thing that you've learned

-How's the procedure box working?
-User Interface, annoying with the black space in the middle
-There are numbers 1-6, but the choice only 5 and 6?
-If customers only order one menu, they need to input all the menu
-When printing out the invoice, the program can filter the customer's selection, how's the filter works?
*prefer coding than hardware

-Flat/Simple User Interface
-Some mistake when print out the invoice
-Inconsistent of using data type of variable (ex. price)
-Why you are using the directive command?
-What's the usage of ioresult variable?
*learn about IOResult

-User Interface
-Why all data type using real?
-If customers only order one menu, they need to input all the menu
-Program doesn't need to print all the details
*found out new type of variable, didn't put on the program
*learn about coloring+user interface

-Flat/Simple User Interface
-The program is not working properly because the wrong usage of variable
*Distinguish the different between local and global variable

-Flat/Simple User Interface
-The program can only calculate one menu at one time
*Found out the way to combine two variables

-User Interface using pulldown
-If Cash selected two times then it will be added to the last one, instead of creating the new one
-The usage of array is not correct
*Conversion string to integer
*Menu pulldown
*Pascal Syntax and Procedure

-Flat/Simple User Interface
-Print out
-The usage of ROUND function
-Too many variables
-The usage of variable type is not appropriate
-Prevent the customer to entry the same menu
*Prefer for not using procedure or function
*Using a variable to filter for not choosing the same menu again