The following is a review of the game in this edition. From my opinion, the game is pretty decent time to create a review, because all players use their own hero and everything is very good to compete with.
Due to a shortage of players , then there are 5 players and using the latest map downloaded by Squire ie 6.76 AI . Below is the composition of the players who competed after use mode – apnesp

Yoohoo – Luna Moonfang
Serenade – Lich
AI – Syllabear

God of Babylon – Goblin Shredder
Squire – Barathrum
iMboh – Axe

After the composition of the players was found , either for some reason , the god of Babylon directly choose Goblin Shredder as his hero , which strangely this is not done when he is in one team with Yoohoo in the previous game . Knowing this , Yoohoo feel weak , plus the AI that selected by Serenade seems less convincing to be maintain to become a god . Plus spontaneous speech by Serenade , ” are you sure to use that hero ? ” And hot speech of iMboh saying that Yoohoo when using Luna always lose , no doubt to make the guts shrunken of Yoohoo . but the war drums have been beaten , then inevitably this match should be lived well .

Yoohoo is certainly one lane with the god of Babylon in the bottom lane , be bothered with Shredder skill that gives pure damage to the opponent so that the item Helmet of Iron Will which adds +5 armor not recommended as the initial item when facing heroes like Shredder . Meanwhile Axe always ferociously behind the enemy lines to get their tower . Barathrum more often jungling and his charge of darkness that even where the speed exceeds the maximum speed always appear in certain spot , especially beat AI which is actually very weak especially if he is still human form .

Serenade persistence in fighting and support his team in battle is really tested at this time . With Lich , he is able to support his armor and of course the repeatable usage of mekanism items used for healing his team . In the beginning seems so difficult for Yoohoo cs , where they have to fight the onslaught of the team Gods of Babylon . Not to mention the Squire always appear at the right time and targetting Serenade and AI .

One thing that might escape the notice of the team Gods of Babylon , namely Luna and Lich are all hero-type area . Barathrum Charge carried out in the forest under the Luna , turned into a potentially fatal counter-attack , which is guided by the Lunar Eclipse Chain Frost to be very painful for Barathrum and Shredder combo there , although this combo successfully defeat Syllabear several times with success .

After having items Lothar , Yoohoo be confident enough to do a patrol and attacked from the rear of his enemies alone . Axe who was alone in the middle lane , successfully finished by Luna , when he may feel surprised at the appearance of the backstabbing of Luna . Issued Luna Eclipse , proved several times quite effectively kill combo Axe and Barathrum which of course helped by the Lich to cast slow on one of the heroes who tried to escape .

In the pursuit of any fleeing hero , the role of the Lich proved to be very important . Combo of Luna and Lich , the Lunar Beam and slow attack Lich proven to make them both able to catch and kill the hero who already fled . Meanwhile , the Babylonian god combo skill that is usually very sweet able to defeat his enemies , for some reason this time it can not be used optimally . Even the gods of Babylon also had to be killed several times in order to maintain its position .

Although several times beaten by team god of Babylon , Syllabear slowly become more and more powerful , although his level is far behind of his team and his enemies . Bear claw capable stun also hinder effective enough to avoid his enemies to escape .

One fatal error occurred in the top lane , where Yoohoo and Serenade looks less compact in that they both attack the team slaughtered by the god of Babylon . lucky at that time Sentinel in the position of pushing Scourge lane at all , so that they can still expect a counterattack after their hero respawn .

Selection of items of Satanic by Luna , which proved to be very effective when Luna had to deal with Axe , the Satanic items help him to survive and even capable of killing Axe . Barathrum which was made ​​the item of Black King Bar in order to withstand the eclipse of Luna , still feels pain when physical blows Luna which is pretty good damage is berkali2 champion boar hit the mainstay Squire . Gem who had purchased it crashed and was taken by Syllabear . talking about items that fall , the god of Babylon had made ​​a mistake by denying items (Claymore) that he thought an enemy gem 🙂

when all three fallen hero Scourge , Yoohoo soon encodes Serenade to directly focus on the middle lane because the enemy is so strong and everything can happen , that strikes the back of the Scourge considering all of the heroes were Strength-type hero . Finally, with a very severe struggle , came out as the winner Yoohoo and Serenade of issue this match . However , the resistance of Babylon and his team were really great where they fight to the end.