Computer Science OOP Assignment

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Create a program that can convert temperature using C++
– Your Program must have more than one function main!
– Your Program must have menu for the interface
– Your Program must have at least one object to be implemented! (HL Only)
Due: 12th April 2013
Students will present their program in front of the teacher
The teacher will ask them to modify the program in front of him directly, such as:
creating a new function, change or add another loop etc.
Each student will have approx. 10-15 minutes with the teacher

Paperwork that need to be submitted:
1. Flowchart
2.Main Algorithm of conversion of each temperature
3. Listing Program a.k.a Source Code
Please submit in Soft Copy directly in Managebac

Created by: student’s name
1. Celcius to Fahrenheit
2. Fahrenheit to Celcius
3. Celcius to Reamur
4. Reamur to Celcius
Your Choice? [1/2] _

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