Criterion A: Planning (Peter)

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Criterion A: Planning

Defining the problem

Istana Diesel is a company who sells spare parts of machinery. The total amount of labor that the company has is more than fifty people. The aim of this project is to make a program which will record the data of the labor. It will be a simple program that will help the division who will take care of this matter.

How the system works

First thing to do is the client need to input the labor data for further various uses.

The client also needs to input a username and password to access the program because the data inside the program considered as confidential.

After that the client could see the list of information of the labor in the company. Hence, the client could edit the data or add more data

If the client wants to make a new record of wages in the end of the month, the client could only input the number of attendance. Then the result will show according to client calculation formula.


The purpose of this program is to make the client’s company save time in recording labors data. The accounting division will have easier way to do the work. So there will be no more need for writing and counting manually the wages of the labors.

I decided to use visual studio because it has following characteristic:

  • Visual Studio supports different programming languages by means of language services, which allow the code editor and debugger to support (to varying degrees) nearly any programming language.
  • The feature allows me to quickly draft an interface design. So it will save time in designing the program.
  • The program can also get source form other application such as powerpoint. The add in allows the client to change the data in the database.

Criteria for Success

  1. The program interface is appealing
  2. The program interface is easily mastered
  3.  No bugs and error occurred in every part of the program
  4. The client are satisfied with the program
  5. Calculation are executed perfectly without any mistake

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