Criterion A: Planning


Cita Hati School is one of the International School in Surabaya. This school have around 100 students for each grade. Every year, this school open their registration for new students earlier than the other school. This school have 2 international program, which is IB Diploma(International Baccalaureate) program and IGCSE(International General Certificate of Secondary Education). They also provide national program, which is a program provided by the Indonesian Government. Since this school provide many programs for their students, they also have a problem with the payment method. The difference of the programs also determine the school fee that the student have to pay. Students that apply for IB Diploma program have the highest school fee. IGCSE program have second highest school fee. And the National program is the cheapet one. But, cheapest price doesn’t determine the quality of the study. Because each program have different purpose. National program is addressed for people that are going to take their University in Indonesia. While IB Diploma and IGCSE program, are designed for people that will take their University abroad.

I have interviewed one of the school’s administratif staff, which is Mr.Iskandar. And the result is that the school have a problem in their database to maintain the payment of each student. They have difficulties in determining which school fee that the student will have to pay. From this problem, I can see that they have to be able to make a program which can determine whether this student took IB Diploma, IGCSE, or National program so that it will make their job become easier. So, I want to help them make a program which can manage the payment system in this school. This program will set the school fee for each student based on the program that the student take. Payment time will also be the other problem. Some students are late in paying their school fee. The main reason that they are not paying the school fee on time is that they forget about the deadline of the payment. So, I have a solution that a warning letter will be sent to the student or the parents of the student. It was meant to remind the student to pay their school fee.

From this program, I hope that the school administration will become better. And also there will be a solution for both school and students for having a good transaction. This program will help to remind the student to pay the school fee and also help the school to have a better payment management.