Criterion A: Planning

Defining the problem

XYZ, is a company that is recently made to help the Keputih people (people around our rural area) sell their products. Their company sells various products starting from various ginger products to hand-made clothing. The aim of this product is to make an online purchasing system for them. The system will be simple for the easiness for the client

How the System works

Firstly, the client must input all their products and stocks to the database for further use in the program

When customers open my client’s web and decided to purchase one of their products, they would go the “purchase” tab at the web and my display will be shown

They would be shown various products and they would pick the one they like and fill in the required form

After done ordering, they would fill in forms to verify their purchases and also the address intended for the delivery

The system would also remind the customer that the product purchased can only be delivered to area around Surabaya and extra fees will be given for area Outside Surabaya but can’t be outside Java Island


The reason for creating an online purchasing for this company is to expand the client company so that its product can reach not only local people but also people who are interested into buying their products that didn’t live near the Keputih. If one was to go to Keputih to buy their product it would be less efficient and convenient for the consumer, however by creating an online purchasing it could serve clients everywhere and it would be more efficient than opening a branch which would cost quite a lot.

I decided to use Microsoft Access and Dreamweaver because of the following characteristic:

  • Common – Windows is probably the most common program you could have, by using Access it will be easier to explain how the program works to the client if ever the client want to found out and it would also be the database that the client would likely to have.
  • Adjustability – Access can to get sources from Excel tables, ODBC connectors, SQL Servers, and SharePoint Services sites for live data which can be useful in the future if the client want to change its data from other programs.
  • Ease – Dreamweaver could design and edit a web layout through clicks which would be convenient for client if some addition wanted to be made after the program is done and it can also edit its code simultaneously, this would allows creator to code and see it result instantly rather than have to re-open them using Mozilla, etc.

Criteria for Success

  1. The web interface is consumer friendly and interesting
  2. The database interface is user-friendly and easy to edit
  3.  No errors because of program (run time error) occur when the program is run
  4. The program would take little of the client memory pace for fast and efficient use
  5. The client are satisfied with the program
  6. Calculation done through the program are true

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