Criterion A: Planning

           “The system used for the billing is slow and very out-to-date”, said one of the staffs in CitaHati School’s café. This café have been established since 2000, and since 2000 the system used for the café have not changed. CitaHati School’s café sells various kinds of food and drinks. The customers vary from student, teachers, and parents. During break time, plenty of students will buy food and drinks in the café and due to the out-to-date billing system; the billing process becomes a little bit unorganized. The method used in the café is semi-traditional because the café recorded their sales by collecting the receipt of the customers. Due to this problem, the café needs to find a suitable program to increase their effective and efficiency in its billing process.

The reason for making or developing the program is so the café can have a better way of organizing their billing process and also a better way to record the sales in the café.  This program will allow the user to do faster billing. Using a computer to record the sales will reduce the possibilities of human error during the recording process.

To create the desired program, I use Visual Basic. The reason I choose this program is that Visual Basic is not as complicated as other programs but it can create a satisfying graphical interface.