Criterion A: Planning (Amel)

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Criterion A: Planning


The scenario is making a dress-up game for girl. The client is my own cousin. It is appropriate because the client is a girl and she likes to play a drag-and-drop fashion dress-up game. The product is developed because I thought that the world of fashion is getting bigger and larger, and the demand for fashion games is getting higher.


Dress-up Games is a game of fashion that you can change the clothes for the doll with the clothes that has been set up for you. Dress-up is a game, almost mainly played by children, even teenagers.  I develop this game because the client would like to see how can a dress-up game is made. The client also would like to study fashion design and mix-and-match clothes with a random clothes made.

Success Criteria

  1. The interface to this game is a flash application with menu, drag-and-drop boards, and clothing box. The player must drag-and-drop the clothes to the doll that has been provided in the board.
  2. The player could freely choose between a range of clothes, dresses, shoes, accessories, socks and bags, even hairs.
  3. The player can stop and start the game wherever they want.

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