2.b. The game starts with the introduction of the main character, which is the young girl Rosetta. The girl only have one grandpa as her family. She doesn’t have anybody else. The beginning of the game, grandpa tells her that she is actually not his grand child. She was adopted when she was a little girl. Her grandpa also said that there is a village sacrenia which is attacked by the evil wizard, Ahimsa. The grandpa said that rosetta is the only one that could save that village. So, rosetta have to fulfill some quests to be ready and prepare herself by learning some magic power. She starts her journey from a town called Camiria. Her grandpa gave her a magic book to be learned and 25 rupiah for her. Then she starts to work to get some money by delivering a cake and delivering straw for some horses there. She only get paid for 25 rupiah in one delivery service. But when she has enough money, she bought a magic candle, so that she can enter the cave and find a golden key. After she found the golden key, she save a house with 1 person inside the house. For the reward, she got a golden bow and 75 rupiah. Then she bought a magic arrow, so that she can fight santana. After killing santana, she visit a place which she can gamble to find some money and also to buy some materials that she needs to fight ahimsa. There, she learned a new magic power. Then she bought every materials in the shop so that she could fight ahimsa. Finally, at the end of the journey she meet his grandpa again. Surprisingly, her grandpa is the evil wizard, Ahimsa. Then she killed her grandpa. GAME OVER.

3. rosetta, grandpa, santana, little boy, wizard, guard, akylla, old man.

4.Because to finish this game, we need to find some things to fullfil the quests. But they only give us few clue about the items. So, we need to do the logic in doing this game.


B.Quickbasic is a language of progamming that was produced in 1985. It was originally sold on a 5.25” floppy disc and was not available on 3.5” floppy disk. But on the version 2, they sold it on both 5.25” and 3.5” floppy disk. And some improvements were made on version 2.01 and 3.0 in 1987.

Around 1991-1998, Qbasic was produced and it is similar to quickbasic. But Qbasic doesn’t need any compiler and also it is starts being included with DOS and Windows by Microsoft. Qbasic was more and more popular. It is included in Windows 95, some versions of Windows NT, IBM PC-DOS, some OS/2 versions, and Windows 98.

C.high level.

6.Function returns a value while procedure does not. Function can’t change the value of the original argument while procedure are able to change it.

7. Because low level progamming are difficult to understand by human. And high level progamming are easy to understand by human, but the function are different. They have different ability. Some case need high level progamming is enough, while some case need low level progamming to perform well.

8.Low level progamming is very difficult, yet very powerfull compared to high level progamming. Low level progamming could perform at higher speed or faster because the computer don’t need to “think twice” in performing the program. The code in low level progamming have more variety than high level progamming.

9.In using a lot of branching, there are more choice in performing the program therefore, the program will have more variety of options and will be more interesting. Besides that, in using a lot of branching, we would be easier to check on the program. But if we use a lot of branching, the program might take a longer time to do the process because they need to check every condition first before performing the program.

10. A compiler takes all of the code and translates it into something a computer can understand. This compiled code is then executed or saved to a file to be executed at a later time,while an interpreter takes code and translates it line by line. An doesn’t save the translated code in a file.

by Wisaka Wicaksono
Cita Hati Senior School IB Student
Computer Science Class of 2014