1. Download file Rosetta.Rar and extract on your windows (working on Windows only for this version)
2. a. Run QBasic.exe and press SHIFT+F5 to play the game until finish.
b. Write at least 200 words for the storyline of the game!
3. Identify all of the stakeholders of Quest of Rosetta logic game!
4. Explain the reason why the game is called a logic game!
5. a. Which programming language used to develop Quest of Rosetta?
b. Write at least 100 words for the history of the programming language that you believe used to develop this game.
c. Is it high/mid/low level?
6. Distinguish between Procedure and Function in High Level Programming!
7. Explain why programming language should be consist of high/mid/low level!
8. What’s the usage of low level programming?
9. If you can see from the source code, it used a lot of branching. Explain the advantages and disadvantages for using a lot of branching in your program!
10. Distinguish between Compiler and Interpreter!

HL only (You may research to do this, but please do your best to do it by yourself!)
1. Modify the source code so that Rosetta will have full item in the beginning of the game!
2. Modify the source code so when you start, you will go direct to the end!
3. Look deep through the code! Explain the method that used for collisions!

Activity involved:

Note: You will receive explanation from the teacher after the whole class has submitted the work!