1. Participants: Mr. Angga, Ms. Ju, Ms. Siska, Ms. Lizeth, Mr. Wahyu, Mr. Alex T., Mr. Martinez, Mr. Andreas, Mr. Isaac
  2. Date: 25th October 2012
  3. Time: School’s hour (08.00-15.30)
  4. 3rd & 4th Floor
  5. Survey to student? No need!
  6. Budget:  for Guest Speaker
    1. Ticket handled by Ms. Nettie
    2. Fee
  7. CHTalks (08.00-10.00): 3 people  + 45 mnts.
  8. After this meeting, please e-mail all university (this week) that will be participate in this event to be prepare. Especially for local university, we want to meet with their rector or dean.
  9. Parents Session (coordination with PA):  during the workshop (10.15-11.45) à in the Hall or attending workshop.