Venue & Date: TI Center 225, 28 August 2012


1.Wahyu 2.Lizeth 3.Erlangga 4.Juwati 5.Belfin 6.Nettie 7.Lina 8.Isaac 9.Martinez 10.Andi 11.Andreas 12.Alex T.

13.Aji 14.Fransiska 15.Endah 16.Anita 17.Djoni 18.Arie


Time: 2 days (24,24 October 2012). Technical Meeting on 23 October 2012


Day One

08.00-08.30        Presentation F@F 2012

08.30-09.30        CH Talks

09.30-10.00        Free Session

10.00-10.30        Break

10.30-11.15       Session One

11.15-12.00       Session Two

12.00-12.30       Free Session w/ Closing

12.30-…               Parents Seminar


Day Two

08.00-08.30       Evaluation from the 1st day

08.30-09.30       CH Talks

09.30-10.00       Free Session

10.00-10.30       Break

10.30-11.15       Session Three

11.15-12.00       Session Four

12.00-12.30       Free Session w/ Closing

P.Angga idea:

Instead of workshop, how if we make a talkshow (CHTalks). 10 mnts experience sharing per alumni. Also want to inviting some of British Council & Cameo production. Make budget for 2 ticket PP Jkt-Sub.

Alex T. idea

Make F@F for one day only

08.00-09.45       TalkShow (Alumni Sharing; Uni Video Show; Fashion Show; Booth Visit)

09.45-10.15       Break

10.15-11.45       Session and Booth Visit, the students will be divided into two groups

11.45-13.15       Workshop I

13.15-14.00       Break

14.00-15.30       Workshop II