Meeting Agenda with Supplier

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Topic: New Interface

– more optimized
– fresh display
– more user friendly

New Features:

– hotel photos
Now hotel can upload up to 13 photos, divided into each categories with better quality and resolution and larger size. These photos later on will be displayed in our subagent section. All suppliers that has joined with Mandira Booking Online System are required to reupload their photos, while the hotel layout in subagent section is being restructured.

– allotment calendar display
Now hotel can view their allotment status in calendar mode, make them easier to see and to control their allotment for Mandira

– updating rates
Now hotel can even update their own rates, divided into three categories:

1. Contract Rate
Hotel can update the roomrates, based othe agreement between hotel and Mandira. This will give a win-win solution for both parties
For hotel:
As long as there are allotments, the room will be displayed directly, once they update the rate, ready to sell. This will give faster process compared with manual update.
For Mandira:
The efficiency process for the internal staff that the rates will be displayed directly after hotel click update and no need to enter the selling rate, since the system will automatically put the profit margin for the rates.

2. Promotion Rate
The same procedure as above. However, the differences as follow:
Hotel needs to put Rate Code a.k.a Promotion Code so that they can do updating.
The benefit for the promotion rate, in subagent section this rate will be highlighted and it’s easier for subagent to book this promotion rate. The more often hotel create this promotion rate, the more productivity rooms that they can sell through the system.

3. Package
This will be sold separately, since it always comes with several terms and conditions, for example:
– once the package created, it will displayed in the subagent section and the hotel will responsible to provide the allotment for the package
– anything else?

Continued with demo

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