F@F Future @waits Festival 2012

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F@F Future @waits Festival 2012

Venue: Cita Hati Senior School East Campus
Date: 16 & 17 October 2012
Time: 08.00 – 15.15
Technical Meeting: 15 October 2012 @ R.209 (book first)
Theme: “FUTURE OF EXCELLENCE” (tentative)
Ideas from Principal:
Invite all of University’s President and Dean from Surabaya


Event Manager:
Wahyu Kurniawan – National
Lizeth – International (Overseas)

Mr. Isaac Young

Ms. Anita Damarastuti

Mr. Andreas Yulius Agung
Mr. Ivan
Mr. Arie Setio
EquipmentList: HT for security, tables and chairs with Pak Budi, book for 4th floor hall

Mr. Jaren
Mr. Djoni Tonggeng
Mr. Dony Nanda Saputra
Mr. Hanny Allan
Mr. Vicky Chandra
Mr. Darwin
Mr. Minh Ngu Yen

Mr. Alex Tampubolon (MC)
Mr. Marisi Sihombing (Workshop)
Ms. Fransiska Salim (Workshop)
Mr. Andi Wibowo (Workshop)

Mr. Martinez Meinardi

F & B
Ms. Anita Damarastuti
Ms. Maria Teresa

– name tag maximum 80 pcs
– souvenir for workshop speaker
– lunch for workshop’s participants
– for Keynote Speaker
Digital Industry (ms. Clara’s cousin)
– for Outsourcing Workshop Speaker

– cannot invite from education consultant/agency
– maximum 4 persons for one participant/booth
– maximum 20 booth
– every participant should wear a name tag provided by Cita Hati
– last day of registration 15 September 2012

– budget proposal to Yayasan
– invitation letter + proposal for university should be sent early September 2012. Please follow up after finished sending the email. Better to start to send email before Idul Fitri Holiday around 13 August 2012
– rundown program
– write memo to GA for arranging tables and chairs for participants’ booth
– booth map, should be ready on the technical meeting
– invitation to the President of the University

Evaluation from last year:
– separate Info Day with F@F
– some of participants didn’t wear name tag
– some of participants don’t have too many students come to their booth, please consider not to invite them this year
– some of participants to be invited again this year, since last year they didn’t show up
– some students tend to move to other places during the workshop session

ms. Juwati n mr. Belfin to be involved with this event
Invite all president of university
Prior to F@F dinner meeting
We also want to invite IB Representative
We will give invitation / proposal to those people and also souvenir
Please also estimate the budget for the dinner

At parents meeting 17 july, make survey to all parents to put their willingness to become our resources as guest lecture at our F@F

1 main inspired speaker to be invited
Panji, Billy Boen (author young on top)

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